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Japan healthcare cost. Piggy bank wearing a protective face mask Illustration of 100,000 yen cash and bank passbook and seal
Translation: Bank of Japan ticket, 10,000 yen, Bank of Japan, Mr. Taro Yamada, store number, account number, general account passbook, bank  Isometric stacks of 10000 Japanese Yen banknotes and coins. Japan paper money. Ten thousand bills. Big pile of cash. Currency notes. Flat style vector illustration. Business candle stick graph chart of stock market investment trading on white background design. Bullish point, Trend of graph. Vector illustration Japanese building.
Police station, bank, post office and hospital It is an illustration of a woman in uniform holding a tablet. bank vector icon set such as: consumer, ingot, contour, bar, percent, budget, growth, beauty, rounded, technology, code, pictogram, chips, hold, percentage, gray, office, japan, feminine, atm Manage it on your computer. An image illustration of an internet bank. It is written in Japanese as

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Illustration of cute pig piggy bank and coin | image of piggy bank / savings | vector data Piggy bank and japanese coin illustration of cute pig | Piggy bank Japanese Yen banknone. Paper money 10000 JPY. Flat style. Vector illustration. Reserve world currencies circulation concept. Foreign money banking exchange. US, European, Great Britain, China & Japan cash bundles rotating around bank icon. Flat style vector isolated illustration Japanese Yen to Bitcoin currency exchange infographic template on world map background Yen Bank Building rounded icon. Style is a flat yen bank building gray symbol inside light blue circle with black, gray, green, blue, red, orange versions. Low poly hand hold yen coin symbol carefully. Polygonal triangle connected dot point blue currency value finance business offer gain profit concept vector illustration Japan yen currency symbol with finance and business icons. Jpeg (bitmap) version also available in gallery